Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Am So Bad!

Spank me!  I'm a naughty blogger!  It has been a weird time at our house and that's all I can say in my defense for not blogging.  So let me catch you up:

Today I get to eat real food again.  I need to go slow... TMI Warning: skip to the end of this section if you want to avoid the discussion on defecation.  :)  Let's talk poop for a minute.  It was really interesting watching the consistancy change while I was on the cleanse.  And disturbing.  Why are there any solids in my poop after 10 days of not eating?  And some say that carrying excess waste in our system is a wives tale! 

Ok, so continuing in the poop talk while I have ya here: I am not a regular person.  I am lucky if I go once a week and twice a week is a celebration.  (My girls even got me a large pin that says "I pooped today" lol!)  I read somewhere that if you set a time and make sure to sit on the toilet at that time every day it can encourage your bowels to become regular.  If you can elevate your legs a bit, it will help.  It works!  Between that and the kombucha I am now having daily bowel movements for the FIRST time ever!!!

Back to cleansing and defecation: when returning to regular foods it is common to become very constipated as your digestive system takes a bit to kick back in.  I need to pick up some more smooth move tea to help it along for a bit.  And that's the end of the TMI section.  Our regular talks can resume :)

Looking back I am very thankful for having done the cleanse and very thankful for the progress I have made in my health to be able to have done it.  I seriously doubted that I could pull it off, but remained optimistic. 

My ADD has been on the fritz lately.  I am supposed to be writing a new 8 week curriculum, but NoooOOOoooo, I have to read everything else from diet to chicken rearing to gardening to....  I don't know if I should break from the curriculum writing for a couple weeks and ride the homesteading efforts or to push through.  There is a time and a place for everything.  And I've been bashing my head against the yoga wall when I really want to get out and garden which would get me exercise and assist with loosening up my muscles.  (Gotta say it like mussCulls.)

Condundrum.  Chicken News: we decided to return to chicken rearing.  I am not sure where I sit on animal products.  Because of that and because my husband and children still consume them (although in much smaller amounts, yay!) we decided to raise layers again.  We got 3 golden sexlinks (cross between Rhode Island Reds and Whites), 2 black sexlinks (cross between Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rocks), and a buff orpington.  We named the last one Buffy and of course the kids like her best as she can be easily picked out from the rest. 

Money is tight.  Duh!  But I've earned some money lately in my business and since my business owes us so much I am using that money towards the homesteading/gardening/moon garden efforts.  No, it isn't enough to cover everything I want to do so I need to be selective.  I also am going to ask/check around to see what I can pick up for free. 

Moon Garden: here's what I need/want: build the stick fence I just need time.  I believe we have all the supplies we need.  Ground work: weed and level out the ground.  Then I need a ton of sand.  I want the large particle sand/small particle rock for the ground.  I also want a pedestal for the Moon Goddess to sit on.  I want a levelish 2-3' stone for an altar.  And a bunch of small quartz to scatter in the sand.  Not too much there. 

For the compact orchard: 3-4 varieties and season apple trees and 3-4 varieties and season cherry trees.  I would love to put them in raised beds, but Tim doesn't.

For the garden: 3 raised beds so that I don't need to lean over too far.  They will be approximately 4' by 6' but I haven't measured yet.  1 of them will be a potato bed and the other 2 will be for a variety veggies.  I would like to put a walkway to the temple and some sort of arches that can function as trellises for the 2 garden beds as well. 

Along the west side of our house I want to put in a strawberry bed and maybe some blueberry bushes if they can be in the same bed. 

I will write up a review of Fresh Food From Small Spaces later, but it really has inspired me to try out some new things!!!   

And I'm spent.  See ya'll tomorrow when we return to the mad mutterings of a crazy mama!  :p

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