Friday, March 30, 2012

4 Weeks Raw

I went 100% raw 4 weeks ago.  How do I feel?  Better than I have in a long while!  Hold on just a sec....  <you hear a chair creak and footsteps away, some talking in the distance, footsteps drawing near again, and then someone flopping into a chair>

K, I'm back.  So I went and asked Tim what he would say if I was going back to my usual diet.  He said, "why?  You are losing weight and feeling better so why would you want to do that?"  He has made a few unsolicited comments about how I look better and look like I have more energy.  A man did that!  And get this, Anna, a TEENAGER, said that I looked like I was feeling much better and she noticed how I am more active now.  So you know something is up when a teenager notices something other than themselves or their boyfriends...  hehehe. 

I don't have a metabolism.  It quit.  It called me nasty names and walked out on me a few years ago.  I sobbed and pleaded for it to come back.  I left out treat to try to coax it.  I read up on some of its favorite foods and activities and nothing...  someday I hope to get a new one, but first I think I shall create a healthier environment for it and it will stick around longer.

Ok seriously, prior to Isabella I even thought of losing weight and I did.  I lost baby weight very quickly, quickly enough that the neighbor ladies would all shoot daggers of envy at me.  Seriously, one won't even talk to me any more.  Let's be realistic: it is no longer baby weight when your kids are in college!  No, I didn't say that to her... hehehe.

OK, really seriously.  Over the last few years Tim and I have gone on diets together and he easily loses twice the weight that I do.  I haven't lost weight like I would have in the past, but I am really happy with my weight loss for who I am in this moment. 

In 4 weeks I've lost 10 lbs.  The first 5 was in the first 3 days.  Then monthly which held up weight loss for 2 weeks and since then it has been slowly sliding off. 

I am not raw to lose weight though and I don't want to give that impression.  I am on a raw diet to help my immune system and other physical issues.  I am on a raw diet as I feel healthier, lighter, more blissful than when I'm not. 

This year is about setting habits that will make me happier, healthier, and more successful.  Next month's habit is yoga.  I chose yoga because it can be tailored to my ability to move from moment to moment.  It isn't high impact and shouldn't use up all of my resources like other forms of exercise at the moment.  I also will be studying the beliefs behind what we think of yoga for a more holistic approach, but that's for another post. 

If you remember I said that I would reassess my diet goals at the end of the month.  I have decided to stay 100% raw for a while.  I will reassess at the end of April.  To be honest I can't believe I almost said that.  It's like I lie all the time and have to preface when I'm not... sheesh.  Ok, so I am thinking that I will be 100% raw for a while.  I have a lot to heal in my body and the more nutrient rich foods I can give it the quicker the healing will take place.

What is Raw Foods?

I have been asked this a lot lately and it keeps getting repeated and I think its cuz I haven't slowed down to truly answer that question.

Raw foods are fruits, vegetables, sea vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains that are eaten uncooked or "cooked" with temperatures under 98-118 degrees.  There is debate on the temperature. 

Why?  The main reasons are simple: to retain minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.  Plant foods contain the enzymes needed to digest them.  Those enzymes die when heated.  The aging process and ultimately death and enzyme loss are correlated.  When you are requiring your body to break down the foods you eat without the assistance of the plant's enzymes you create a  burden which your body has to reroute its resources in order to consume those foods instead of its natural function of restoration, repair, etc... 

What about protein?
Did you know that plant foods have between 5-10% protein.  And some foods even higher.  The ADA recommends that our diets should consist of 6% protein.  Not only that, but plant proteins are easily assimilated and readily used by the body.  Can't be said of animal protein at all.  Animals are a poor source of protein. 

What about dairy/calcium?
Don't get me started, lol.  Humans are not meant to breastfeed past our infancy.  We are not meant to pack around our bah bahs as adults.  Lactose Intolerance?  Did you know that humans are allergic to milk?  Not some humans, all humans.  You know the phlegm that builds up in your throat?  No?  Ask a singer.  Drinking milk before a performance is a big no no.  That phlegm is an allergic reaction.  The protein in milk is considered invasive by our bodies and it strikes out at the intrusion. 

Calcium?  Many foods carry calcium in them and some foods in much higher doses than dairy.  Did you know that milk drinking countries (US, Sweden, etc...) have higher rates of osteoporosis than non milk drinking countries?  Milk isn't healthy and it isn't a healthy source of calcium. 

If you HAVE to have dairy, goats milk is much easier on the human body.  Do some research.  It is quite upsetting what we are told.  And I am not happy how subsidized foods that are poor sources of nutrients are compared to nutrient dense foods!!!  <stomps around shaking fist at the gov>  :)

So, do you eat salads all day?
You certainly can.  Some raw foodists have rules on what to eat when, how much of certain types, etc...  However most raw foodists are laid back.  Here are some simple tips:

Juiced and blended foods give your digestive system a break.  This can be very helpful if your body needs extra healing. 

Eat a variety.  If you make sure to switch your foods up you won't need very many supplements or no supplements at all. 

Eat sprouts often.  They really give you an enzyme boost. 

Check out some books, websites, on further information and some fun recipes.  If you are not a chef and you don't like to cook as it is don't expect yourself to fix fancy raw foods that take hours or days to whip up.  Keep it simple. 

If you do love cooking, add in a few recipes that take more preparations. 

I find it very helpful to have some foods on hand that don't require work.  I get tired easily and sometimes its the choice of grabbing a piece of fruit or not eating at all. 

Here is my normal foods I eat:
Juice and or
Smoothie: I like 2 frozen bananas, 1 cup water, a handful of pumpkin seeds, a couple of dates for sweetness, and my superfoods (spirulina, maca, bee pollen, raw cacao nibs atm) or
granola and almond milk (lots of raw recipes out there, try a few and raw almond milk is super easy)

fruit or
salad or
granola and almond milk when I'm really lazy

Salad or
hummus and crudites
sandwiches such as yesterday

I try out a couple of new recipes a week to keep it fresh.  I like having a "uniform" meal, but I also will eventually get bored and dissatisfied with my diet if I don't try out new things. 

Something to Consider
Consider eating more raw than what you are now.  Are you eating 50% of your foods uncooked?  How would you do on 70% raw?  Do you have a serious medical issue?  Consider transitioning into 100% raw.  More and more naturopathic doctors are using 100% raw diets to heal major illnesses and diseases. 

Did you know that many people have healed themselves with raw foods?  Diabetes, arthritis, cancer, structural issues such as scoliosis, asthma, etc... 

Something Else to Consider
One belief in our health issues today is that our bodies are acidic.  We are meant to have an alkaline system and yet many/most of the average American's diet is made up of acidic foods.  Did you know that almonds are the only alkaline nut?  Good to know, eh? 

Did I not address your question?  Have more questions on recipes or what to see more posted here?  Just let me know!

How about some inspiration?  Check out these befores and afters:

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Running Late Today

Running late due to changes in  They are removing all features except the journal portion.  I loved it as I could take notes and put in tasks into one app that I could access from the laptop, cpu, Kindle, and phone.  *sobs*  And now I have to find something else before they delete all my tasks.  <pulls hair>

Today I have some errands and some clients and if I don't get a move on I won't make a very good impression with my first client, a new one. 

So we'll keep this short!  I will share my dinner yesterday with you.  I ate two of these babies and rolled away from the table!
This is simply romaine for the bread, avocado for the mayo, tomato, and a basic patty.  These patties were unplanned as I decided to have juice for lunch yesterday last minute (btw, if you add ginger to your juice, a small slice is just fine, not a big ole frickin knob!!!).  This recipe comes from Rejuvenate Your Life by Serene Allison:
Basic Burgers
1 cup carrot and beet pulp (I had pulp from carrots, beet greens, and ginger)
1 cup almonds, ground in coffee grinder
3 Tbs. ground golden flax meal whisked with 1/4 cup water (I used regular flax as I had a tiny amount leftover from a different dish)
1/4 finely minced red onion (used yellow)
1 big stalk of celery, finely minced
1/2 cup of parsley, finely diced
1/2 red pepper, finely diced
1 tsp. sea salt
pinch of cayenne pepper (oopsie, guess I didn't read too closely as I left the last two out)

Mix together.  Form into patties.  Dehydrate at 105 degrees for 4-8 hours. 

Tim came and stole a bite these were so yummy.  Guess what I'm having for dinner?  mmmm....

If you don't have a juicer you can use shredded carrots.  It will take longer to dehydrate and will change the consistency and flavor a bit, but its always good to work with what you have. 

I am blessed in that I have been studying healthy diets for 19 years now and slowly have built up some nice tools.  Some of them I've even got used.  I got a $150 Excalibur dehydrator for $5 at a garage sale.  :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


A friends asked me about Superfoods and wanted to know if I knew any of them.  Big grins.  Right now I am using spirulina, raw cacao, maca, bee pollen, and young coconuts. 

Some of the Superfoods aren't the tastiest so I sneak them into my smoothies or spinkle them onto my salads.  My greens powder is so strong that I can only put half the dosage in my smoothie before it starts making it taste funny.  Play around with them.  Some of them are suited for certain dishes and others can be hidden in anything. 

A Superfood is classified as a nutrient rich food that is beneficial to health and well-being.

So here is a list of some of the common Superfoods touted in raw foods:

Apple Cider Vinegar (the cloudy kind): full of enzymes, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, organic sodium, chlorine, silicon, iron, copper, organic malic acid (dissolves toxins).  Paul Bragg believed that it helps soften clogged arteries and clear crystal deposits from muscle tissue.  Useful for sore throats as a gargle (my kids swear by it!)

Bee Pollen: high in protein RNA and DNA, adenosine (aids the metabolism), boosts the immune system, and is energizing, full of live enzymes, hormone balancing and great for the libido.  Local bee pollen can also help to reduce the affects of allergies. 

Cacao, raw: click here for a great article!

Coconuts (young/thai): reprint of previous quote:
Coconuts have a long list of health benefits, thanks to the presence of lauric acid, a precursor to monolaurin that acts as an antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial agent. Coconut oil in particular is excellent for skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis when taken internally as well as applied externally on problem areas.
Coconut oil:
Is helpful in killing viruses that cause influenza, herpes, hepatitis, and measles
Is helpful in killing bacteria that cause ulcers, gum disease, and throat infections
Is helpful in killing fungi and yeasts that cause candidiasis, ringworm, and athlete’s foot
Reduces the production of LDL, “bad” cholesterol
Is rapidly burned by the liver in the form of glucose
Increases metabolism
Boosts the immune system
Reduces inflammation and aids in tissue repair
Improves digestion and the absorption of vitamins and minerals"
Wignall, Judita (2011-05-01). Going Raw: Everything You Need to Start Your Own Raw Food Diet and Lifestyle Revolution at Home (Kindle Locations 689-700). Quarry Books. Kindle Edition.

Goji Berries: very nutrient dense, complete source of protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, top source for longevity and strength building.  You can find these at Asian markets (also called Wolfberry). 

Hemp seeds: leading researchers say that hemp is the most nutitious and sustainable food available.  Packed with 33 percent digestive protein, iron, vitamin E, omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids. 

Maca: full of minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, irone, and silica), almost 20 different amino acids and 7 essential amino acids, its an adaptogen (stabilizes and maintains systems such as endocrine, circulatory, and immune), contains alkaloids (libido enhancing). 

Spirulina: 70 percent assailable protein, all essential amino acids , B12, glycolipids, sulfonolipids, 17 different beta-carotenoids, over 2000 enzymes, tons of vitamins and minerals, world class immune system booster, protects against radioactive particles, balances pH

Sprouts: Sprouts are so enzyme rich that many raw foodist eat them at least 2 meals every day.  They are super easy to grow on your own and the cost is much lower than buying them.  Click here for additional info.

There are tons of Superfoods out there.  These happen to be the ones I use most often and I find them very easy to incorporate with my diet. 

Recently my family (except for myself and Timothy Jr) had the stomach flu.  I made sure to have young coconuts almost daily and I did not get sick.  This is the first time in a few years that I not only didn't get sick, but so much sicker than anyone else. 

I am still having autoimmune flair ups.  However, so far they are getting fewer and farther between.  Yahoo!
And here is a broader list of superfoods:
Spirulina, Goji Berries, Cacao, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Honey (raw), Chlorella, Maca, Chia, Coconut (young/thai), Flax Seeds, Hemp, Nori/seaweed (sea vegetables), Cranberries, Blueberries, Broccoli, Pumpkin, Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar (cloudy), Spinach, Tomatoes, Carrots, Kale, Fermented foods, Cinnamon (great for regulating blood sugar), Blue-green Algae, Cayenne, Olives, Avocado, Astaxanthin, Krill Oil, Pumpkin Seeds, Apples, Cruciferous vegetables, Sprouted Lentils/grains, Nuts/seeds, Salmon, Marine Phytoplankton, Medicinal Mushrooms, Parsley, Dandelion, Wheatgrass, Bilberry, Elderberry, Noni, Durian, and many more. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sleep- In the News

Omg, so remember how I said hypnotics have been linked with death and cancer?  A new study published by BMJ confirms and expands this information.  Check out the conclusion of this study:

"Conclusions Receiving hypnotic prescriptions was associated with greater than threefold increased hazards of death even when prescribed <18 pills/year. This association held in separate analyses for several commonly used hypnotics and for newer shorter-acting drugs. Control of selective prescription of hypnotics for patients in poor health did not explain the observed excess mortality."

6-10% of the US adult population used hypnotics in 2010.  If you are on a hypnotic, you might wish to discuss with your doctor some healthier options!

Good news for CPAP users!  In a new study published by the American Hearth Association, showed that moderate to severe OSA (obstructive sleep apnea)damages the left ventricular in the same way as high blood pressure and that with cpap usage that damage is significantly improved. 

If you *think* your sleep could be better and if you *think* you might have a possibility of sleep apnea, get out there and get a sleep study.  Call your insurance and see if you need a referral, if so get one, if not get some numbers from your insurance and get it scheduled.  I was able to get in for a consultation in under 2 weeks and my study is scheduled within 2 weeks of the consultation. 

This next news article is about sleep and weight loss.  I knew weight loss required healthy sleep due to stress hormone regeneration (too much stress hormone in your system means weight gain).  This new study provides information I hadn't even thought about. 

Mayo Clinic did a study on calorie intake, activity levels, and the amount of sleep.  The activity levels did not change, however when sleep dropped to 6 hours or less the participants ate 550 calories (on average) more than when they slept more.  This can result in an easy 1 pound per week gain.

The moral of the study, sleep more and eat less.   
p.s. I don't know why I have so many different fonts.  The segments that aren't courier will not change font type to anything other than what it is.  So I will leave it be.  It wants to be special.  :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I got the blog updated.  I don't know how long I will keep it this way.  I am having fun dressing my blog up in different styles.  This is wacky mode.  What do you think?

House Purge 2012 update: kitchen is completed and it is so nice not having to fight our many appliances to get to the one I want.  Tim finished up the den a couple days ago.  I need to take a look through it for minor changes.  We are starting on the laundry room next and then flowing into the garage from there, finishing that area in the teens' room. 

After that we will get to the dining room and then our front room.  Then will be the Temple and finishing in the Moon Garden.  I would say we are close to half way finished.  The garage will take a long while and a lot of work as it has been a dumping ground of a lot of different stuff and probably at least a quarter doesn't belong out there. 

I'm still way overdoing my errand days.  Even worse on Thursday than before.  I know its a combination of reasons.  First, I don't like driving further than 5 miles.  Second, as most of my errands are within 5 miles of each other it makes sense financially and time wise to do them all together. 

On Thursday I went to Bed Bath & Beyond (mandoline, finally), Marlene's, Joann's, Petco, Dollar Tree, and Winco.  It took a bit over 5 hours and even Anna and Madalyn were groaning by the time we got home. 

I'm still a bit sluggish.  I have my alarm set for 7:45 a.m. and don't want to push too hard as I'm still bleary eyed at that time, but my goal is 7:00 a.m.  Spring Ahead really sucks. 

Gonna go warm up in the tub for a couple hours and then I have to hit it.  Celebrating the Spring Equinox with some friends today.  Woot!  :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Cleaning

So often when we hear the term “spring cleaning” we think of cleaning our homes.  While cleaning our homes is important, it is not the only thing to consider.  Ostara is approaching and the energy of life around us supports our efforts and nature encourages us to refresh and renew our lives.  Let us begin our year with the freshest start possible.

Spring cleaning the home: Most of us can benefit from organizational skills, reduction of clutter, and breaking up stuck energies in our environments whether that's home, work, and recreational areas.  There are a great many books, websites, and videos that can assist you.  You might learn some new skills or at the very least they can be motivational.  While you are cleaning, make it a spiritual event.  I use magickal house cleaners that I purchase or make that assist with cleansing energies, protection, and blessing.  You might consider burning incense or dedicating areas of your home to magickal purposes or to specific gods.  Also, think about checking out information on feng shui to get the energy moving. 

Spring cleaning your body: If you are the average American your body is riddled with toxins from the air we breathe, the chemicals we put in our bodies, and on our bodies.  You might consider a detox.  Detoxes can be minor events, such as drinking detox teas, to major events, such as the master detox.  Maybe make a resolution to use 100% natural and/or organic beauty products.  You might consider dedicating yourself to a god and/or goddess of healing for a month as you detox and learn how to create an environment that supports a healthy body.  There is a TON of information available on many different approaches to natural health.  Try out a few to discover what works best for your lifestyle. 

Spring cleaning your emotional, mental, and spiritual body:  I call this karmic cleansing, although I do use the term karma a bit differently than eastern philosophies.  I believe this is the most important aspect of spring cleaning.  We are often overburdened with guilt, frustrations, and stuck energies in our spiritual lives.  Spend some time and list out all the areas you find yourself feeling guilt, anger, or frustration over.  I use this time to write out letters, make phone calls, and send out cards to those people in my life that I feel guilt over not being in contact with more often.  I will contact some over hurt feelings if I feel that it will be beneficial.  If it isn’t, then I add the instances to my burning ritual.  For those instances when discussing events or feelings would cause more harm and for those things that I need to release for my own spiritual growth, I write them down on individual papers.  I gather a prepared candle that supports my working, my papers, and a fire safe container (a cauldron).  As I set each paper to flame I visualize the item dissolving from my life and I feel a burden being lifted from my shoulders. 

Support your working with divination.  The gods will show you any areas that you might have missed either unconsciously or consciously.  You don’t really hide anything under the heavens.  Even when you might want to.  Ostara is truly my favorite Sabbat.  I spend a lot of time in thought, prayer, preparation (learning new techniques), and I have to say that the effect is powerful in my life.  Consider trying out a new aspect of spring cleaning, or if you are ambitious, all aspects of spring cleaning!  May your life be blessed with the fertile energies of revival! 

Yesterday was my First

It was my first scheduled rest day and I ate a bit and used the rest of my time reading weird paranormal in the tub.  Ahhh. 

So Monday, right?  Here I thought if I went slow and steady I would surprise myself with how much I got done.  Um well, maybe on a different day, on Monday it was just work and get nuffin done.  Don't you hate that. 

And now I'm 2 weeks behind on some of my work and I can only hope that I will get to it sometime soon.  I really don't like being behind like that.  All yesterday I had to continue to stop myself from working.  It went something like:

It will only take a few minutes to answer my emails....   How long would it take to return some calls?  But if I did X, Y or Z I could really claim that it isn't work as it IS something I want to do, right? 

At least I am used to my inner whiner and could counteract it  :)  lol! 

I am still besausted (kid speak) which tells me my immune system is still limping along and part of me would like to rest up today I have to get a minimum of 2 rituals written today, perform one of them later (Happy Ostara peeps!)  (Lol!  Makes me want to say Happy Easter Bunny, bock bock)  (love those cadbury commercials)  (hehehe)

Oh yeah, minimum to do today, I also need to pick up the temple and get it ready and I have a consultation with the Sleep Center today. 

Hey!  That reminds me, following this I will repost an article I wrote for Ostara a couple years ago. 

So that's all, zzzzz drool a bit

Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Tips from Recent Reads

Very tired today and still have some lingering fatigue so be tender with me, be kind, oh yeah baby!  Maybe too much candy lately.  hehehe.  Not that kind of candy.  That's what I call all of my trash novels I read.  Not good for me but oh so yummy to consume. 

When I'm laid up I tend to read a lot and when I can't read, I have my kindle read to me.  Which was a lifesaver after Christmas when I was laid up with light sensitive headaches.  I laid clutching my head while my beloved read to me.  My kindle, my heart!  lol!

Oh!  I got my rest days scheduled for a month.  I wasn't able to schedule it perfectly, but I hope I did well. 
If I have no set backs in this next 30 days I will consider it a success.  Fingers crossed!

Ok, so if you haven't read any of Leo Baubata's works, check out this freebie: Zen to Done.  It is a brief look at his principles.  This book is a very simplified version of The Power of Less.  Baubata has published two books since then, Focus and The Effortless Life.  I am very interested in reading them, but my book allowance is greatly diminished.  I am checking out books slowly from the library, however I have a feeling that I will still want to own those books so that I can refer back to them. 

"Solution: ZTD focuses on one habit at a time. You don't have to try to adopt the entire system at once — it's overwhelming and it's too hard to focus on your habit changes if you do too many at a time. Instead, focus on one at a time, and adopt the system in phases. Use proven habit-changing methods (30-day challenge, commitment, rewards, motivation hacks, etc.) to successfully adopt each new habit."
Babauta, Leo (2008-05-08). Zen To Done: The Ultimate Simple Productivity System (Kindle Locations 45-47). Phatbits. Kindle Edition.

Baubata's system is not for everyone.  There are some that need to/can tackle more than one thing at a time with success.  I used to be one of those people.  I was able to tackle large to do lists without a hiccup.  So many years of that with added to that an every increasing mountain helped to put me in this place that I am at now. 

Now, Baubata's system is exactly what I need.  Every time I dive in like I used to I face a set back.  I am learning baby steps. 

In ZTD Baubata has a list of recommended habits to start with that may be added to my list of things to habitualize.  Healthy sleep and healthy eating top any of his suggestions, for my situation, so I'm setting aside his till I'm on my feet somewhat regularly. 

Next isn't a tip, however a couple inspiring quotes from The Secret Garden.

""Every morning and evening and as often in the daytime as I can remember I am going to say, 'Magic is in me! Magic is making me well! I am going to be as strong as Dickon, as strong as Dickon!'""  (Kindle Locations 2538-2540).

""Then I will chant," he said. And he began, looking like a strange boy spirit. "The sun is shining—the sun is shining. That is the Magic. The flowers are growing—the roots are stirring. That is the Magic. Being alive is the Magic—being strong is the Magic. The Magic is in me—the Magic is in me. It is in me—it is in me. It's in every one of us. It's in Ben Weatherstaff's back. Magic! Magic! Come and help!""   (Kindle Locations 2572-2575).

These next coupla tips come from Hurry Less Worry Less. 

""More balance in all things. Slow down and enjoy life more by balancing work and play, togetherness and aloneness, planning and spontaneity, spending and saving, fitness of body and soul.""  (Kindle Locations 172-173).

"Perhaps you have gotten one of those cranky emails from your systems' guru telling you that you have too many messages and files and folders on your computer and are slowing the system down. You delete a lot of unnecessary stuff and discover that he or she was absolutely right. The machine works better, quicker, and more as it was intended to work. We humans are like that. We need to reboot from time to time. Most people are universally poor at this. We think we are indispensable or worry about what other people will think or always have something we should do."  (Kindle Locations 1270-1274).

The next one come from Nutrition Diva's 5 Secrets for Aging Well by Monica Reinagel.  I picked this up for free from Amazon.  It is now only available from Audible on Amazon's site so not sure if this is a section taken from one of her other books or not.  Sometimes they have preview chapters so not sure...

According to Reinagel sugar:
suppresses the immune system
promotes inflammation
suppresses the release of human growth hormone
promotes glycation
raises insulin level

(Again, check out what candida is and does to your system sometimes!)

If you are sensitive to sugars you should avoid fruits, but if you aren't fruits don't count as the sugars you should avoid.  Yay Raw Foods!  Shish Boom Bah!  (I'm a cheerleader :p )

This is my 18th day raw.  I had some non-raw dark chocolate yesterday as I cannot swallow paying $7 for a little hunk of raw chocolate.  It really helped to pick up my mood at the time!  I have some raw nibs that I add to smoothies from time to time and some recipes for making my own raw chocolate.  I need to find a cheaper source of raw cacao than Marlene's and I'm all set.  I may try making some carob to begin with as it is $17 a pound cheaper than raw cacao powder. 

I have a lot of things on my to do list so I need to end here.  I don't plan on completing everything today, but if I go slow and steady I will get more done than if I continue finding every sparkly on the internet!  Oooh....

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ok, so I learned that was too much

A little bit too much activity for my system.  I always want to dive in and tackle stuff. 

Where have I been?  Sleeping and running low grade fevers.  It's what my immune system does when it cries Uncle. 

After sleeping 12 hours a day and staying in bed or the bath, I had an epiphany... 4 weeks of activity with one break day is too much.  Oh wait, I was on vacay right?  That doesn't count as that still puts my activity higher than usual.

Baby steps.  Tomorrow I will hack my calendar and put in rest days.  Then I will over time slowly put those rest days further and further apart until it is at a "normal" healthy, if I can work up to that. 

Much of my journey over the past 3-4 years has been learning how to rest.  Big lesson for me.  And every time I think I've learned it, along comes another aspect of Rest that I had not considered. 

I have always been good at taking Spiritual Rest, but I'm still not very good at Social Rest, Emotional Rest, or Mental Rest. 

Remember how I said that there has been so much synchronicity for me lately?  Release, Simplicity, Focus, Tranquility.  There has been a lot of synchronicity as far as rest goes.  Our mantra still is an excellent rule when we apply it to the areas of rest.

For instance Mental Rest: Release- let go of all the mental baggage that we can, Simplicity- break down the remaining into its simplest form, Focus- allow yourself to focus on the issue and only that issue (no distractions), Tranquility- I think this is trickier for some.  Inately I have a definition which is a state of being that is difficult for me to describe so I went to and found:
quality or state of being tranquil; calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity. "
I would not say that tranquility is a state of detachment from the issue, however it is a state of not becoming attached to the issue.  When we become attached to something there is a sense of ownership, "this is my life", some of us gain a sense of value from having said issue.  If we cut the cords of attachment, it becomes us and this issue.  We are able to separate ourselves and have a healthy perspective.  This issue does not rule us and we are able to take a realistic viewpoint and express the situation without undue emotions and mental strain. 
If you read anything by Leo Baubata, you will quickly learn that he recommends doing only one task at a time (many new authors are saying this same thing.)  When you eat, just eat.  When you walk, no music, no books on tape, etc...
In 1910 Arnold Bennett wrote How to Live on 24 Hours a Day.  I really enjoyed this book!  He also wrote about doing 1 task at a time.  Not only that, but he wrote about having time to process things.  Use the time travelling to work to process is one of his suggestions.
Anyways, I am breaking open another young coconut to support my immune system today.  I will end with some health facts on young coconuts:
Coconuts have a long list of health benefits, thanks to the presence of lauric acid, a precursor to monolaurin that acts as an antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial agent. Coconut oil in particular is excellent for skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis when taken internally as well as applied externally on problem areas.
Coconut oil:
Is helpful in killing viruses that cause influenza, herpes, hepatitis, and measles
Is helpful in killing bacteria that cause ulcers, gum disease, and throat infections
Is helpful in killing fungi and yeasts that cause candidiasis, ringworm, and athlete’s foot
Reduces the production of LDL, “bad” cholesterol
Is rapidly burned by the liver in the form of glucose
Increases metabolism
Boosts the immune system
Reduces inflammation and aids in tissue repair
Improves digestion and the absorption of vitamins and minerals"
Wignall, Judita (2011-05-01). Going Raw: Everything You Need to Start Your Own Raw Food Diet and Lifestyle Revolution at Home (Kindle Locations 689-700). Quarry Books. Kindle Edition.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sound Sleep

First step: schedule a sleep study!  Check, I called into my insurance today and I don't need a referral and they gave me a couple of sleep study doctors to choose from.  I chose Dr. Raymond Park with Auburn Regional.  His number is  (253)804-2809 if anyone is interested.  I have my consultation next week. 

I tried to have a sleep study done years ago because I stop breathing in my sleep and the asswipes doctors (at Madigan) told me that my husband needed to stay awake all night to document my breathing patterns before they would do anything.  Guess how that went over.  Yep, nothing was done. 

Recently Tim has urged me to get one done as he has noticed my breathing issues when I sleep.  Kinda scary! 

So exciting to be moving onto the physical aspects, at least for me.  I had to remove the timers off my phone for the "are you tired, sleepy, fatigued" as it was sooooo annoying to assess myself that often.  Not that I don't already assess myself because I do it naturally.  What helped me most with that step was accessing the different states which I am now doing when I do an assessment.  The timer going off so often was annoying my whole family and not just me. 

Moving on :) On page 195 of Sound Sleep, Sound Mind Krakow has a thorough guide on tapering off of sleeping pills if that is an issue for you.  I very rarely use sleeping pills and usually I take a pain/sleep pill mix for when my hip is keeping me awake.

"The Nasal-Oral Airway Exam Made Easy

A few minutes spent looking at your face, nose, and airway may yield important clues about your breathing. The pictures on pages 220 and 221 help to identify important oral structures.

Stand in front of a mirror with good lighting. Use a flashlight, too. Begin by gently pinching your nostrils, then let one side open and breathe naturally, without forcing or laboring air through that nostril. Then close off that nostril and open the other one. Go back and forth until you determine that the volume and relative force of breathing through each nostril is about equal or not. Next, put your index and middle finger on the tip of your nose and gently push it upward. Using the flashlight, see if the space inside one nostril looks smaller or larger than the other and whether the midline cartilage (the septum) is tilted or bulging to one side. Notice whether you seem congested in your nasal breathing. Many people suffer low-grade stuffiness due to allergies or dryness, which may affect breathing more than they suspect.

Now peer inside your open mouth but don’t say “Ahhh!” Look around at all the structures, top and bottom. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue, but again don’t say “Ahhh!” Usually you see a portion of the airway opening. If you cannot see any opening, the two most likely factors are related to your soft palate or uvula (the dangly tissue at the end of the soft palate) or the base (back) of your tongue. Excessive soft palate tissue, hanging down into the back of your throat, covers up the top of the airway opening; and in a few cases, the soft palate is so floppy it covers most of the airway. Some surgeons perform a procedure to remove this tissue (uvulo-palato-pharyngoplasty, UPPP), which I advise against as a first-line treatment. UPPP not only has a mediocre success rate, but also emerging evidence suggests that UPPP worsens some SDB cases or makes it difficult to use other treatment options. Rarely is it a curative procedure for SDB, even if it stops the snoring.

When examining the soft palate, take note of the uvula; if elongated, thickened, or red, it indicates you snore or your breathing encounters lots of friction along these passages, which irritates and swells the tissues. Snoring vibration produces similar damage."
Krakow, Barry (2007-09-28). Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night (p. 220). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

Doing the first step, the septum definitely bulges to the left and my left nostril is often restricted in some way due to allergies.  When doing the second step, I'm not so sure, I think I have a mild excess of soft palate tissue.  It will be interesting to see if the doctor checks these two areas. 

Here is the second step that I'm trying out:

"The Power of Salt Water

Before starting, obtain a squeeze bottle of nasal saline spray from your pharmacy. Or obtain a suction bulb and make a solution of one-half cup of warm water and one-half teaspoon of salt (preferably without additives). Carry out these next steps for a few uninterrupted minutes near bedtime.

Station yourself in a bathroom with a sink and a shower. First, sit quietly and listen to and feel your nasal breathing. Notice if you hear a nasal whistle or other sign of congestion. If you suffer from obvious allergies, you will easily see and feel the congestion.

Now use the nasal saline spray while bending over the bathroom sink, and spend a few minutes cleaning out your nose. This step can be combined with a hot shower, during which, if you can safely manage it, sit or stand out of the shower spray and turn the temperature hot enough to generate steam. Please don’t burn yourself!

In the shower, initiate or repeat your use of the nasal saline spray to thoroughly clean out your nostrils again, which requires blowing or picking your nose. Most people discover mucus or other debris coming out of the nostrils. Once out of the shower and dried off, sit quietly again and listen and feel your nasal breathing. Most people notice a change for the better, with greater ease of breathing. Check this procedure out for a couple of days before moving on to the next step, and consider washing out your nose at least twice a day, first thing in the morning and within thirty minutes of going to sleep."
Krakow, Barry (2007-09-28). Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night (p. 232). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

I broke down and purchased a neti pot for this step.  I usually bathe or shower prior to bed so that my hair can dry naturally while I sleep which reduces the amount of frizz I have to deal with.  This is a recent change in my habits, but it makes it so much easier getting ready in the morning and I can quickly style my hair this way. 

When it comes to the nasal passages there are a myriad of issues that are raised in your breathing health.  If you feel it is a structural issue, contact your doctor and seek out treatments.  Same thing if it is allergies.  I personally have had little benefit seeking out treatment for my allergies.  Most allergy medication adversely affects my heart and can cause side effects much worse than my allergies.  Krakow recommends some over the counter nasal sprays to try out (Nasalcrom) as well as seeking medical attention for nasal issues. 

I personally picked up 1 nasal spray to begin with.  Krakow recommends trying out several brands because some people are sensitive to certain brands. 

"Monitoring Results

During the next two weeks, develop a plan to use these agents, with the aid of your doctor for prescriptions, and aggressively manage your nasal hygiene. It is essential to follow a directed plan, such as Nasalcrom two to three times per day for two weeks, then decrease to fewer doses. A large number of SDB patients need these treatments every day of the year. Plan on two to seven days to see improvements, but by two weeks at the latest, you should be near a 99 percent level of clearer nasal breathing. Thus, within seven days you could see improvements in sleep symptoms, assuming that a clearer nasal airway reduces SDB severity.

If you did not achieve an excellent nasal response, do not accept this fate. Various factors influence allergy, vasomotor rhinitis, or sinus conditions, and it is incumbent on you to further evaluate your condition. Some sinus conditions require special X-rays, such as CT scans or MRI tests, to more accurately define the full scope of the problem. A deviated nasal septum or less commonly polyps in the back of the nasal passages can be root causes of these difficulties. Again, do not hesitate to seek consultations, because failing to may prevent you from ever using advanced SDB therapies."
Krakow, Barry (2007-09-28). Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night (pp. 233-234). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

So here we go on our 2 week test!  Good luck!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Patience with Yourself

Are you having as much troubles with Daylight Savings as I am?  I'm gonna need another nap today.  I ended up taking a 2 hour nap yesterday. 

Things have been especially busy around here lately.  Today started with an 8 a.m. appointment and I forgot to take my pain meds, now I'm waiting for them to catch up.  (I think I forgot to take them last night as well which complicates things even more). 

How do you have patience with yourself?  It wasn't until 1 p.m. yesterday that I had any sort of energy.  I went for a bike ride and it was very short due to the weather and I ended up having an asthmatic episode that took a few hours to recover from. 

So I'm sitting here, wondering what I should do, and what best ways to care for myself today.  I'm still on antibiotics, I've been crazy busy lately, I'm exhausted, tired, and sleepy (3 different states), and I have more appointments later today. 

In each of our lives we find times that we need to be patient with ourselves for different reasons.  Sometimes our physical bodies, other times our emotional bodies, our mental and spiritual bodies can be overwhelmed as well. 

We've all seen people who become infinitely more ill because they won't slow down to recover.  I knew a man who had pneumonia for months and ended up with double pneumonia in the hospital cuz his doctors couldn't get him to rest any other way. 

Today I could push through my fatigue and aches and finish up much needed work and begin on the den (the next room to attack) working until my next appointments and fall into bed tonight.  Instead, I think I will exercise some patience and take a nap and when I wake up, if I'm feeling up to it I might make some raw cookies for our Norse and Anglo-Saxon discussion group, and then rest some more until I need to get ready for later today. 

As I become more aware of my body and patient with myself I become healthier.  A new health which is more well rounded than before I became ill.  What is the mantra?  Release, Simplicity, Focus, Tranquility.  I will release my expectations on this day, trimming it to its simplest elements, focus on my health with a tranquil spirit and enjoy this day! 

Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Survive Spring Ahead

I began dreading daylight savings time a week ago and started thinking how I was going to attack it for success.  We are talking about a whole HOUR earlier for a night owl.  What do you know?  I have been falling asleep early and waking early on my own!  Yesterday I woke up at 6 a.m. and today at 6:30 a.m.  I will implement a few of the following tips and should have a seamless transition, woot!

ABCNews had an article on Daylight Savings you can find here.  Katie Moisse says, "For most people, the missing hour Sunday means a sleepy Monday. But for some -- particularly those who aren't big on mornings to begin with -- it takes a heavy toll on mood and productivity, earning blame for car accidents, workplace injuries and stock market dips."

Really?  That's crazy! 

One easy way to adjust your schedule by an hour (or however much you need adjust your schedule) is to go to bed and wake up 15 minutes earlier every day until you hit your mark.  If you start tonight on Monday you will have adjusted your schedule by 45 minutes.  It is unrealistic to try to make yourself go to sleep large chunks of time earlier and the next day you will suffer from it. 

To help along this schedule shift as soon as you wake up, get in bright light.  If you have a light therapy box, get to it.  If you can, get outside.  At the very least, get into as bright as light as you can for 10-20 minutes.  This will subtly help your body clock. 

Next, try to be in subdued lighting in the evening (a couple hours before bedtime).  This while help trigger your pineal gland into releasing melatonin.  Again, a subtle shift is best. 

Moisse ends her article with "Taking a low-dose (less than 0.3 mg) of melatonin late in the afternoon Friday through Monday can help sync the sleep-wake and light-dark cycles. But be careful: Although melatonin is sold as a dietary supplement, it can cause drowsiness and interfere with other drugs."

I take melatonin when I'm travelling to help with jetlag.  It really helps when I'm making large time zone leaps.  I don't find that this supplement really assists as a daily supplement for insomnia.  Again, my light therapy device is the only thing that has demonstrably assisted with early to bed, early to rise. 

And while this isn't pertinent to spring ahead, it's something to look forward to:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sound Mind, the Last Steps

I am eager to get to the Sound Sleep portion of this book as there are some hands on tricks to hacking better sleep (nasal sprays, nasal strips, sleep studies, etc...).  I will be setting quite a few reminders for myself for this section.  My alarms are getting crazy.

I find the synchronicity to be beautiful and amazing.  Home organization: reduce, let go, simplicity.  Time management: reduce, let go, focus on what you are doing at this moment, simplicity.  Raw foods: simple foods, let go, simplicity, be at peace and learn to let go.  Better sleep: process immediately what you are experiencing so that you can focus and let go, simplicity, reduce, beautiful and perfect!  There is a theme to becoming healthy. 

1) Let go 2) simplicity 3) focus on the moment 4) tranquility (be at peace with yourself and life around you). 

Maybe it should be a new mantra for myself?  Release, Simplicity, Focus, Tranquility.  Again, beautiful!

Let's move on to the book and the mind hacks:

"Make six observations a day. Here’s a BEACON to light your way for when to do the steps:
1. B = in Bed, right after waking up in the morning;
2. E = Eating breakfast but before drinking caffeinated beverages;
3. A = shortly before A.M. ends (before noon), during a lull;
4. C = usual Catnap time, one or two hours after lunch;
5. O = Over the dinner meal;
6. N = early in the Night, one or two hours after dinner.

On each occasion, ask yourself the next eight questions. Once you get the hang of things, it takes less than a minute to run through them all. During the first few trials, please walk or crawl through the questions, which could take five minutes.
• Do I feel sleepy? Could I actually fall asleep or doze off if circumstances permitted?
• Do I feel tired? Am I feeling low energy but without the desire to sleep?
• Do I feel fatigued? Can I distinguish between chronic tiredness (fatigue) and being tired after, say, cleaning the house or mowing the lawn?
• Do I need to take action for any of these feelings? If not, what happens to these feelings during the day?

Nearly all poor sleepers attempting these steps will experience some sleepiness. However, if you cannot tap into this precise feeling, chances are you turned sleepiness into feelings of tiredness or fatigue. This mystery is deeply entwined in the special feelings called emotions, which, if left unsolved, push you to believe that pills are the best insomnia therapy."

Krakow, Barry (2007-09-28). Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night (pp. 131-132). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

Processing emotions can be a very tricky thing for many people.  Krakow recommends seeking out a therapist if your emotions become overwhelming, if you have experience trauma, pstd, or suffer from nightmares.  Here are some unhealthy ways that we hide from our emotions: television, reading (definitely me), self medicating (most commonly food and alcohol), promoting one emotion to hide another (anger, sex, etc...), somatizing (when your emotional pain becomes physical pain), talk therapy (when you talk and talk and talk about it without resolution), medication, talking too much, fantasy, directing emotions into activity, and becoming mired in emotions. 

Really become aware of your mind and body and what you are experiencing and any ways you might be hiding your emotions in unhealthy ways. 

Krakow believes that laughter is very vital in emotional expression and recommends watching one laughter inducing video/movie a day. 

Crying is another excellent way in which to express emotions (the good ones and what we may consider the bad ones as well). 

"After you complete a good cry, notice how:
• your neck, shoulders, and chest feel more relaxed;
• you breathe easier and stand up straighter; • racing thoughts diminish;
• imagery is more accessible;
 • long your emotional well-being lasts.

Never underestimate the power of crying. One good cry per week markedly enhances the balance in the TFI System. Crying releases much emotional tension without necessarily going in depth through all the emotional processing steps. Although you want to work at higher levels of emotional precision, use a good cry to your advantage as a reasonable and excellent way to move toward that goal. Finally, next time you hear someone say “I almost lost it,” now you know they almost lost their version of control over their emotions. However, after a healthy cry, you might find yourself one day declaring “I found it” when you discover heartfelt and invaluable Intel from your emotions."  (p. 161).

Next Step:
When a minor issue arises follow these steps:
"You need ten to twenty minutes for the whole practice, although many discover that five minutes are sufficient. Once skilled in this technique, a minute is adequate. First perform pleasant imagery for a few minutes to activate the system positively. Then open your eyes and reconfirm in your mind or verbally the nature of the minor issue. In other words, be clear about the problem.

Now close your eyes and picture a pebble dropped into a pond of water. Once the pebble hits the water, see the water rippling outward. Here’s the most powerful step: avoid engaging too much self-talk; just picture the ripples of water, because if you see ripples, new images usually pop into your mind’s eye. These images are often new insights to solve the problem.

The images may provide a clear picture that offers an obvious solution; or they may spur you to change or transform your original feelings or reconfigure your thoughts. When a new idea or thought emerges, it does not feel like the usual self-talk or chatter; it possesses more clarity and a feeling of value, like a “lightbulb” effect. There is nothing hokey about this skill or about the capacity of your brain to function in this way. Your brain has the knack to solve problems rapidly using imagery, similar to bringing up a map in your mind’s eye to give directions."  (pp. 172-173).

Again, I highly recommend reading this book as there are more tips and tricks that he mentions as well as thoughts on nightmares, stress, anxiety, and other common maladies that get in our way of a good night's sleep.  I am just listing the ones that I am trying out as well as any thing I find intriguing. 

So now that I have 6 more alarms on my phone, lol, we get to try these out before moving on to some physical tricks.  woot! 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review of Sleep Hacks from February

Ok, so I wanted to give a review of the things I tried last month and which ones helped and which ones didn't. 

First, the California poppy extract.  I found the effects wore off with long term usage.  I think this would be helpful to use during stressful periods or when your brain is too active and you can catch it in time.  I found taking this 1-2 hours prior to bed added the benefit of shortening time to sleep.  California poppy helps with extending REM cycles and while it helped in the beginning I am no longer certain it is still benefitting me.  So I'm going to take it out of my evening ritual and save it for times when I feel I need it.  My worst sleep seems to be cyclic. 

Magnesium: while those with magnesium deficiencies may be certainly benefit from this I found no help with my sleep.  I took this for 3 weeks without a change and so took it out of my evening routine.  In case you missed the posting about magnesium, you can find it here.  I eat a lot of foods rich in magnesium which is most likely why this didn't help me. 

Sound Sleep, Sound Mind has been very helpful so far and I wish I had more time to add more activities faster, but my last few weeks have been taken up with doctors, dentists, family with stomach flu, etc...  One of the first activities from the book is to tell your brain your day is done, right? 

I do not have have many days that my brain thinks I need to solve the world's problems.  I do not get very stressed about much.  I have a very developed spiritual practice which I believe is the main reason behind my lack of stress.  So many experts say that spirituality, no matter what it is, is one of the top 10 things you can do to improve quality of life and happiness.  I whole heartedly agree.  Pray, read, journey, meditate, chant your mantras, etc...  Do it no matter how little time you have and your whole life with benefit.  I am a much better mom and wife when I take time away from my family for my spirituality!!!

So the day is done isn't something I have found very helpful yet, but I am doing every night as practice for just in case. 

The next trick is building imagery.  Lol!  Building imagery is NOT something I need to work on.  But, I have been reliving my time when I swam with dolphins in Mexico (a very spiritual experience for me) and a heaviness pulls at my body.  I was doing this at 9 p.m. as part of my go to bed ritual and found that this really can put me to sleep and 9 is way too early so I switched my alarm to 10:30 p.m. last night and plan to try it out then. 

I haven't woken in the middle of the night, other than a few minutes cuz of my tooth (grumble), so I have not had to try out coloring/sketching to trigger my imagery system. 

I hope to post more from Sound Sleep tomorrow.  I am very eager to get to The Power of Rest, but don't want to try out more than 1 thing at a time. 

In other news, the plague continues at our house.  Sunday and Monday sure looked like it was gone until Anna became ill early Tuesday morning.  She is still home and Rowan keeps running a fever off and on. 

Madalyn is being seen by a neurologist for migraines and during an MRI they found a mass near/on/in her pituitary gland.  Yesterday we met with an endocronolgist to see if this is a problem.  She has to go see the vampires (lab) for a bunch of testing on her hormones.  Prolactin may be suppressing key hormones in her system which would explain why she only gets 2-3 periods a year.  Her neurologist is almost certain that it is nothing to worry about and that it is a common abnormality. 

Madalyn has tried out Maxalt and Topamax for her migraines and they haven't helped.  Since she has genetic headaches, from me, what has helped the most is Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and her neurologist just bumped that up so fingers crossed.  She was taking 100 mg in the morning and evening and now she takes 200 mg in the morning and evening. 

Anna gets really bad headaches, not with Madalyn's frequency thank goodness, and they seem to revolve around her period and I'm thinking that maybe she should try out vitamin b2 to see if it helps her out.  hrmm...

Because of my absess and antibiotics I am trying to be even more proactiv with my health.  Young (thai) coconuts are pricey (around $2.50 each at Winco), but they are packed with so much nutrition that I have splurged a bit.  Here is my morning smoothie I have been drinking the last couple of days, it makes a lot so if you are drinking it alone you might want to put a glass of it in the fridge. 

water and meat from 1 young coconut
handful of pumpkin seeds
1 tablespoon raw tahini
2 frozen bananas (can use fresh, add ice if you want it cold)
3-4 dates for sweetness

Blend and enjoy.  Tons of nutrition and immune supporting goodies. 

Monday, March 5, 2012


Wake up and call the endontics office because for whatever reason my appointment didn't get saved in google.  Try to find clothes.  I have 3 pairs of pants that fit at the moment because of weight gain. 

1 pair is still in the dirty clothes, 1 pair is in the washer and the other pair are MIA in the laundry room.  Run to the bathroom again and Aunt Flo comes for a visit (oh yay!) and thank goodness I caught that because the dentist called back, my appointment is at 7:45 a.m. and I have 15 minutes to get dressed and get there.  Squak!

Grab pants from dirty clothes, throw hair in pony tail, yell for a minion to grab my sandals please because I don't have time for socks and tying shoes.  Kiss Tim goodbye and run out the door.

Of course my kindle is dead so I can't listen to it while getting a root canal.  They gave me NOX, maybe my first time with it and I'm so stoned I start panicking and ask them to turn it down for a bit (I like breathing and feeling so heavy you aren't sure you can or wanna take the next breath... not good). 

Got scripts to pick up (antibiotics and vicodin), grab a coconut water and chug that on my way home since I didn't eat this morning.  Get home and quickly make a smoothie (I've been 100% raw for 4 days now except for herbal teas). 

Then rushed around finding paperwork, fill it out, and get driving directions for the orthodontist for Isabella and Madalyn.  I have time to quickly grab something to eat, maybe spend a minute putting myself together a bit more, and then off again.  The girls have a consultation on whether they are eligible for braces.  (crossing fingers that its covered). 

And I might have time to get home to grab another kid after that to run to counseling.  If not, Tim will have to take her.  Squak!  That pretty much sums up how I feel about my day so far.  I am trying to find the eye of the storm so that I am granted peace within this mess. 

I love hearing the word necrotic in regards to my tooth...  (no time for proof reading, gotta run)