Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back From The Land of Nod

Due to a compromised immune system, when I get sick I get sick and it takes forever to recover.  I didn't think anything of the sore throat I woke with on Thursday.  I mean, we are scrubbing mold and dust, washing carpets, etc...  Lots to cause a sore throat.  On Friday I began to feel like hell and by that time it was too late. 

A friend had mentioned a cold and flu tea listed on Hermit's Grove site.  I have my own blend so I headed over to the site to compare notes.  It's called Herbal Cold Remedy, "Taken within the first hours of the above symptoms we have found a nearly 100% success rate of all symptoms disappearing with no cold at all. Despite my being HIV+ since 1988 and having often been exposed to cold viruses, I average about one cold every four or five years and those are greatly diminished in strength using this remedy."

Tim made some up for me and while it may have helped the severity, I was too late in noticing the symptoms.  I found this interesting, "It should be taken at the first signs of a cold (or respiratory infection). What are the first signs? It could be sneezing more than usual. Your eyes might seem to itch and tear more than average. There might be the slightest tickle in your throat.

Pay attention to those around you. If you are around anyone with a cold, listen to your body. If you exhibit any of these early warning symptoms, use the formula. Do not wait to see if it is "really" a cold. Viruses replicate at an extraordinary speed. "

Back when I had a healthy immune system I used to be really good at taking preventive measures when my children came home sick and I usually only became sick once a year.  I understand negative mind speak, but I didn't catch myself on this and will definitely watch it from now on.  Here's how it goes for me as far as my health goes: one of the kids develop a fever and I cringe knowing I'm going to get it next.  Or once I become sick, I will take the rest I need (woot, at least I've gotten good at that!!!) and yet I'm resentful of every minute I'm resting. 

I obviously need to implement some new and reimplement some old healthy habits.  Oh and I said that I was going to work on exercise next month.  I'm not sure if that would be most helpful or creating new cleaning habits would be.  I don't want our hard work to be undone.  Still contemplating that.

Here is the remedy from The Hermit's Grove (for those that didn't go and try to hunt it down from the above link): 
"The basic herbs include:
2 oz lemon grass
1 oz marshmallow root
1 oz wild cherry bark
In addition, for a sore throat caused by raw tissue:
1 oz bayberry bark
The process? For a 'light' mixture, use two teaspoons of lemon grass, one teaspoon or marshmallow root and one teaspoon of wild cherry bark. If there is any sore throat, use one teaspoon of bayberry bark. Place into a container (a stainless steel saucepan with a snug lid is ideal) and pour about two cups of just-boiling hot water over the herbs. Cover. Let sit for 20–40 minutes. Strain well (a fine mesh stainless steel strainer is better than a tea strainer). Drink over a one to two hour period of time.
For a stronger mixture use a tablespoon for your measure.
This is very safe and you can easily adjust the proportions. It's like basic cooking. I never measure. I simply open the container and pour some into the pan to be infused in the water. If you feel you need more throat protect, increase the bayberry bark. Feel free to try various proportions."

Something to consider when gearing up for all the illnesses being so lovingly shared at this time :p  Think before you dose yourself.  Have you heard about people becoming sick from their neti pots?  From Emergen-C?  I've seen a few people abusing neti pots and I wondered what the potential for harm was.  I know someone that became ill from Emergen-C. 

"The More Serious Side Effects
The vitamin C in Emergen-C is meant to be a helpful supplement; like anything, however, too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Serious side effects can result from having an unhealthy amount of vitamin C in the body. Blood clots of the leg can develop from too much intake of vitamin C. Kidney stones may develop. If sickle cell disease is present in the body, too much vitamin C can multiply the symptoms of this disease. Hemolysis (a destruction of red blood cells) can occur if a person has glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) deficiency (a blood disorder). Taking too much vitamin C can result in increased aluminum absorption. This side effect is very harmful to those with kidney disease." -this is taken from here.

The person that I know that developed kidney stones was more of an issue of dehydration when taking it (which is common when travelling). 

Moral of the story?  #1 watch the negative mind speak, #2 listen to your body, and #3 be reasonable in your treatment and avoidance methods.  What did G.I. Joe say?  "...And knowing is half the battle."

I was going to end there, but I have to share a quote, and I'm going to mangle it, so don't quote me on this quote, lol! 

"There is movement in the stillness as there is music in the silence."~Fraggle Rock (season 3, episode 1)


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