Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not Really In The Mood

Sorry guys, just not feeling it today.  I mean I can mutter but I doubt I will pull together anything sophisticated.  Turns out my molar is absessed and my right lymph node is slowly getting bigger and bigger.  I have to see a specialist and the endodontic can't get me in till Monday.  Sucks!

Day before yesterday I was feeling lazy and couldn't build up the energy to work on the kitchen.  Tim ended up doing the bulk of the work.  In the evening I realized that I wasn't feeling lazy, I was run down.  I have a tendency to come to the wrong assumption when I'm slightly run down and definitely need to become more aware of when I need to push through (being lazy) and when I need to rest (when I'm run down). 

Turns out that being run down is either complicated or caused by this pressure on my immune system.  Blech! 

The plague is also upon us.  It's a stomach bug with high fevers.  Lily fell to it on Monday.  Grace yesterday morning.  Isabella yesterday afternoon standing in the lunch line.  I found this particularly funny and Madalyn wants to see if she throws up in the lunch line if they will fully cook the meat at her school, lol!  It's all because Tammie isn't there ya know! 

Tim became ill with it last night and is dragging today.  And Anna is showing signs.  I hope I don't have to go pick her up at school.

So here was my day yesterday (obviously becoming more run down): get up at 7 a.m. and rush through my morning routine.  Dentist at 8 a.m.  They can't find my chart nor do I know my insurance info.  After 45 minutes they finally locate it and I get xrays.  I had to come back because they ran out of time.  Off to Walgreens to look over the beauty stuff.  Grabbed another bottle of magnetic nail polish on sale.  Here's a photo of our other bottle, this stuff is dang cool!

Madalyn is my hand model for this shot
 Ran into JoAnn's for some more sock yarn for Tim.  Home.  Knit for a bit.  Back to the dentist at 11:30.  Grab some groceries.  Home.  Madalyn tells me that the school called.  So run to get Bella.  Home after getting gas.  I tried to knit for a bit more and then just crashed and slept till 5:30 p.m.  I had left the heater on high and was slowly suffocating.  Ate some dinner.  Knit and then back to sleep. 

I woke up today dragging again.  I am kind of thinking I might be dragging till after my tooth gets fixed.  I pulled out some immune supporting and building herbs for me and the family and am hoping that alleviates it somewhat. 

I finished a pair of socks for Tim and will snap a photo of them later, they are currently on his feet.  His felted slippers are in the washer getting felted.  I am going to start on another pair of socks for him once I'm done here.  They are cabled and on fingering weight so they won't go quite as fast as his worsted weight socks. 

If I go MIA I have probably fallen to the plague or am sleeping.  swak!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sound Mind, Next Step

by Edward Burne-Jones
I kinda didn't have the best first week to develop skills.  I was on vacation so practicing the frustration steps wasn't something I got to.  I added the instructions for both SOLO and what do when frustrated to my so I could quickly access the steps from my many devices.

Another trick I did was to set an alarm for 9 p.m. to finish my day out as in step 1.  Krakow recommends doing this a few hours before bed.  My bedtime is currently 11 p.m. and I have events that run till 8 p.m. (or later if we get chatty) so 9 p.m. is what works best for me.  Granted, processing my day while on vakay was super easy. 

Our last night at Seaside I decided I would be a rebel and stay up late.  So I set my alarm for an hour later and promptly fell asleep at 11 p.m. and woke up groggy from too much sleep.  Sleep experts preach about how important schedules are.  Don't stay up late on the weekends, you'll feel like hell for it come Monday morning. 

And remember how I said no caffeine while I was away.  I had a chai before we left and a frappuchino on my way home (I was driving and falling asleep) and that was it.  I'm still going caffeine free and am falling asleep much faster and only waking because of my tooth now.  Not long to see if it will continue, but I'm really happy with the results so far. 

You probably want to hear more about the next step than you do my ramblings (Ramblings of a Madwoman?) so here goes. 

Developing Your Imagery System

Do you have a developed imagination?  Are you a day dreamer?  Can you see with your mind's eye? 

I'm a day dreamer and I crack myself up at the most inappropriate times with my imaginings.  I know several people who cannot see in their mind's eye and use their other senses when meditating.  But did you know, that a developed imagery system helps you to fall asleep? 

Here is an exercise to work on this week:

"Find a comfortable place to spend ten to twenty minutes, without interruptions. Place your body in a symmetrical position, sitting or lying, and support your head and neck so they won’t slump or roll to one side.

Close your eyes for one minute; notice whether images spontaneously emerge. If they don’t, open your eyes, look at something that catches your eye, and stare at it for one minute. Close your eyes again and bring that image into your mind’s eye. If it’s still difficult, open and close your eyes repetitively until the image emerges, or simply keep your eyes closed for ten straight minutes to see whether any images emerge.

Don’t confuse this exercise with trying to develop photographic images in your mind’s eye. Perfect imagery is difficult to achieve, and it’s not needed to make use of your imagery system or to help you sleep.

Once you notice images, keep your eyes closed for five to ten minutes to expand this exercise in creative ways. Have fun and relive a great vacation, an exhilarating hike in the woods, a satisfying round of golf, your kid’s soccer game, going dancing, and so on.

You only need to spend a few minutes each day practicing pleasant imagery, unless you first need more time activating your imagery system. Notice how frequently various images, not to mention thoughts and feelings, come and go during imagery exercises."  (p. 102)

Puzzle Power

Krakow says that the best thing to do with middle of the night awakenings is to work on the thousand piece puzzle.  " directly attacks an imagery imbalance in your TFI System, and it balances the entire system to welcome the Wave of Sleepiness back into the mind-body."  (p. 113)  Working on a puzzle requires the brain to stop its chatter and to focus on the images and shapes of the puzzle pieces which can resolve imagery issues. 

Here are some other suggested imagery developing activities that you can try out: coloring books, crossword puzzles, PBS nature shows, rubik's cube, picture books, guided meditation tapes, music cds, aroma lamps, and aromatherapy.

I don't have the space for a puzzle, but I do have colored pencils and sketch pads at my writing desk in my bedroom.  I plan to see if this works for me and if not I will try out the coloring book next. 

So now, I have added the imagery exercise to my day is done 9 p.m. timer and plan to try that out as well.  And I do know what I plan to do for next month now: transitioning to raw foods.  I will spend 1 week with no meat, the next week with no animal products, and 2 weeks completely raw.  At the end of the month I will then decide whether I want to continue 100% raw or then shift to 90% raw.  

I have very much enjoyed the focus I have spent on my health so far and want to continue with that focus.  Off to the dentist, wish me luck! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Celebrating My Birthday

celebrating with Lily and Rowan

Tomorrow I will report again on Sound Sleep, Sound Mind.  I'm being lazy.  That sort of blogging takes me a few hours to organize quotes, write, and to decide on what's vital and what you can read on your own, lol!  I'm tired and I'm sore and I've got a lot to do this week as we get back onto the House Purge 2012.

Anna looking thrilled over her photo

We begin on the kitchen today.  We have way too much stuff in there!  We will have the most purging done in the kitchen and our garage than any other room.  Although the teen girls are getting into the swing of things and they will run a close third.  Which is good, because I think they are hoarders in the making. 

Madalyn and Anna

I have to finish collecting material on weddings and handfastings this week and organize it and some forms into a handy dandy notebook for couples as I meet with one such couple this weekend.  My idea is to have maybe two notebooks (1 for weddings, 1 for handfastings) with the different elements of the ceremony broken down into sections.  Each section will then have easy examples to either personalize or to choose from to make the ceremony easier to decide upon.  Thank goodness for books and I wasn't aware of how complicated formal weddings were. 

Out to lunch with MarLea and Elaine

 This weekend was really enjoyable starting with a party with my family.  I still have blueberry cheesecake leftover.  Breakfast?  Good idea!  I got several footrubs... most of them through guilt.  I have no issue giving guilt to get a footrub :p. 

Terri looking thrilled over her photo

Sunday I went out to lunch with some of my friends.  We went to the Sushi Roll in Federal Way.  My first time.  I loved the albacore, the Philadelphia Rolls and tempura veggies were good, and the strawberry rolls were abfab.  I had miso soup for the first time.  I love french onion soup and I thought the miso so similar (minus the yummy toppings). 

I have heard more positive things about Sushi Roll than any other sushi place and it was definitely the second best sushi I've ever had.  The best was on a cruise ship and I doubt I'll ever top it.  A whole bottle of sake may be tainting my memory though :). 

BTW, I am not a drinker.  I drink only a couple times a year.  But on a cruise ship... forget about it.  We'd start at 11 a.m. with Big Gulp sized pina coladas by the pool and I'd end with a sombrero in a cigar bar around 1 a.m.  They bill the acohol to your room and you pay up at the end... $900 for a week in the Mexican Riviera (that's only what we drank on board).  Ahhh... fond memories!

A very blessed year coming up for me!  The celebrations begin with a clean and organized home, lots of stuff in between, and ends with good friends, how can it not be a blessed year?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

We're Home

I wouldn't call the trip fun or exciting, however it was restful and enjoyable and just about my speed.  Our children were excited to have us back home and it was nice to sleep in my own bed again.

I developed a toothache on Monday and it keeps waking me up as it did last night again.  I'll be calling on Monday for an appointment.  It reminds me of Nepal.  Two days before leaving for Nepal that same tooth shattered and I had no time to do anything about it.  Stupid tooth.

We are celebrating my birthday with the family today.  We have a birthday blessing tradition that no one likes missing, both for themselves and the chance to give them to others. 

Here are the last of my photos to share from this trip:

 The wind was so bad yesterday morning that we couldn't stay long.  I thought these shots were uber cool of the wind blowing the sand along. 

 We followed the coast line home.  We really have some gorgeous coast line!
Glad to be home!  If you didn't see on my facebook, chocolate covered bacon will not need to be tried again.  *shudder*  it was not horrifying, but it wasn't good either.  Anna has already tried to steal my new earrings. 

brain hurts again...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Beautiful Day

Yesterday was amazingly peaceful considering I woke with a headache and it just kept getting worse as the day went along eventually making me sick to my tummy.  I have been slowly working on eating smaller portions for months.  Now I usually don't even eat half my food when we go out to eat.  Usually much less.  So of course yesterday I ate all of my breakfast which I regretted later. 

But it was so beautiful and so peaceful yesterday was refreshing no matter the headache.  Here are some photos with some comments.
I'm sorry, but I think these signs are hilarious.  I could totally see the sneaker wave tapping on your shoulder and then hiding.
Do you see the commercial activity?  I thought those were called drug deals...

You can find the free pattern here.  Obviously I should not have been knitting yesterday.  I tink-ed more stitched than I knit.  1 stitch forward 2 back was totally the mode of the day.

 This is the bell I mentioned from yesterday.  These were used as currency (as were many bronze objects) and were used by women in particular.  They would sew these together onto clothing to keep evil away.  Tim got me one for my birthday.  I adore it!

And these I got for myself for my birthday :) .  The rings are the Celtic coins I was talking about yesterday.  Interestingly, these were often embellished with 3 knobs, fins, or dragons as a spiritual symbol believed to represent the Triple Goddess.  These were strung on leather or sewn to clothing as well. 

For my someday wish list I would love to have one that fits my finger as a ring (also commonly worn as) and a special ring for a pendant with either knobs or dragons.

We are headed home today after poking around slowly.  We are driving up the coast and hope to stop for lots of photo opportunities.  I'll see if I can get Tim to post some of his photos on this blog as well. 

I hope you have a blessed day filled with peace. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ignore The Text, Look at the Photos

Yesterday was an amazingly relaxing day.  I woke up at 7 a.m. like a good girl.  After breakfast we walked the beach.  Photos to follow.  If you are into photography and you think of any tips, please send them my way.  I am looking for a good book on the subject and haven’t found one yet.
We then walked Cannon Beach, the town.  Cannon Beach was originally an artist community and that flavor still is evident.  The older I get, the more bored I get with shopping, and the more I just want to park myself on the beach and commune. 
But, we found a treasure shop and I kinda have wants.  They have some proto-Celtic items that I would love to have.  Some bells that were worn to ward off evil.  And some currency.  The currency are simple circles and they have some mounted as jewelry that I really like the looks of. 
I did buy myself something at Coastal Yarn, well duh!  I will take photos tomorrow of the project.  I got some Madelinetosh DK for a honey cowl for myself.  The color is called black current.  I’ve been wanting to make myself one of these and while I do have a magnificent yarn stash, I don’t have a lot of dk weight to choose from.  And definitely not enough yardage for this project.
We had a nice lunch and then went back to our room to rest a bit before heading back to the beach… that didn’t work out quite like I had planned.  I was exhausted from poor sleep (developed a toothache on Monday) and took a nap that went from 20 minutes to 3 hours.  I needed it obviously.
I finished the slipper I was working on for Tim and then cast on for my cowl, woot.  Sorry Tim, gonna have to wait on your slippers and socks.
Today we are heading into Seaside.  I’m hoping to go bowling later. 
Oh, and thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.  You all are so sweet to me!  Hasta Luego Bonitas!

we found this on the beach, an anonymous admirer?